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Thursday, March 02, 2006  

 "USINF is a Think-Tank Organization to promote and facilitate better opportunities for all people in US & India"



Mission Statement

USINF is a think tank organization Conceptualized in 2012 by a dedicated group of U.S. and Indian American leaders to explore the enormous opportunities for education & training, business relationship and advocacy group between U.S.A. and India.

Through its network, the USINF effectively communicates the needs and potential of Indian enterprises to the public and private sectors in several ways including: 

Implementing and strengthening relationships between USA & India:
Increasing trade business relationships and partnerships between the corporate sector and Indian-owned businesses;
Promoting international trade between Indian businesses in the United States and India; 
Monitoring legislation, policies and programs that affect the Indian business community; and Providing technical assistance to Indian business associations and entrepreneurs.

The USINF is committed to advancement of Indian community's economic development and entrepreneurship skills through empowerment of Indian-owned businesses, growth of Indian chamber of commerce network and promotion of life-long learning experiences for Indian youth and entrepreneurs. The foundation's broad-based approach is coupled with pro-active strategy, which is reflected in the diverse number of USINF-driven programs created to reach consistencies of all age groups and needs.
The USINF Foundation aims to provide Indian entrepreneurs alternatives for life preparation and life-long learning by developing and implementing initiatives and educational campaigns to awaken and nurture their entrepreneurial spirit. The Foundation will leverage corporate and public support to ensure that existing and aspiring Indian entrepreneurs gain access and achieve success in the world of business. 

To fulfill this mission, the USINF Foundation builds alliances, partnerships and collaborative efforts to link Indian entrepreneurs of all ages to educational programs that will develop and enhance their critical thinking, leadership and entrepreneurship skills. In addition to our focus on leadership development skill-sets for all principal stakeholders within our national network, the USINF Foundation is strategically focused on advancing the development of a Indian Business policy and research agenda that seeks to illustrate the trends, challenges and business development opportunities that benefit Indian entrepreneurs. 

Another significant area of strategic and programmatic activity for the USINF Foundation is the development of Chamber and Entrepreneur Capacity Building strategies that further the capacity of our network to leverage resources to achieve operational improvements that are growth-driven with measurable outcomes of benefit to local and regional Indian Chambers of Commerce and Indian entrepreneurs from throughout the country. 

The Foundation aims to leverage corporate and public support to ensure Indian entrepreneurs and Indian Chambers of Commerce gain access and achieve success in the business world. The Foundation believes these relationships will help Indian entrepreneurs, including Indian youth and Indian Chambers of Commerce to expand their horizons and accomplishments locally, nationally as well as internationally.

Additionally, USINF Foundation aims at monitoring legislation, policies and programs that affect the Indian business community; and providing technical assistance to Indian business associations and entrepreneurs.


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